Root Vitality Oral Drop Tincture - Lion's Mane

Root Vitality


  • Lion's Mane Mushroom: Scientific research suggests that Lion’s Mane mushrooms may offer a range of health benefits, including cognitive health, mood, and energy stabilization, and relieving depression and anxiety.
  • Vegan and NON-GMO Formula: Root Vitality ENERGY LION’S MANE TINCTURE contains 1000mg of Lion’s Mane, as well as 3000mcg of Vitamin B12 for energy, supporting both brain and heart health.
  • Root Vitality Lion’s Mane Morning Energy: With zero additives or preservatives, Root Vitality LION’S MANE TINCTURE has a great taste and is taken under the tongue for best bioavailability. One drop per day, 30 servings per container! GREAT VALUE!
  • Easy to Consume: One drop of Lion’s Mane under your tongue is the most effective way to consume. This way it can enter right into your system via mucous membranes and get right to work! You can also mix our Lion’s Mane liquid into your, coffee, tea, or smoothie!

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