Root Vitality Collagen Pills, for Skin, Hair, Nails & Joints, Collagen Peptides, 180 Capsules

Root Vitality


    • 100% Pure Collagen Peptides, Free of Growth Hormones & Antibiotics, Unflavored & Odorless
    • Potent Source of Amino Acids & Protein, Keto & Paleo Friendly, Free of Gluten, Sugar, Carbs, Dairy, Wheat, Soy or Yeast
    • Firms & tightens skin which can reduce wrinkles, cellulite & stretch marks
    • Increase natural collagen levels which can reduce joint pain & degeneration of joints
    • Thicker & Stronger Hair & Nails, Promote Growth of Hair & Nails, Muscles, Gut & Joint Healt.


Category: MCF

Type: Health & Beauty

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